The more I tried to fix it, the more things were going worse, and my PC has totally broken down this morning. No output at all. Most of data have gone. This was the first of its kind for me and I didn’t find out whether it caused by virus. I headed for Akihabara with my older son and the broken PC soon after lunch, yes, world famous electrical shopping town in Tokyo. The customer service department of the store which I bought that PC from took 3 hrs to examine it and changed memory-module and harddisc-drive (new one is 20GB larger) for free because of the warranty period. It was really great, wasn’t it? During our visit “Akiba”, my son and I went to coffee shop and Apple store to play with high priced PC, it was very beautiful to see this site on G4. It made me so tired, however. My niece came home.

BGM: Van Morrison / a night in san francisco (1994)