It was a muggy muggy day, today. My older son and I went to swimming pool in Komazawa Plympic Park. There were full of fathers and children crying out in joy. And soaking up with child seemed best way to cool down, I might say it was even a bit chilly. Summer days forever!

BGM: Grateful Dead / History of the Grateful Dead, Vol. 1 (Bear’s Choice)



Typhoon No.10 has come across Japan yesterday and today gone to the North. I found out some wilderness and was excited a little with it at the very center of artificial city when I was walking outside with my dog named Loplop in the morning with heavy rain and strong wind were weakening temporarily. Human beings still have a kind of sensibility ancient people could have which also react to the mother nature’s transform such as typhoon or seasons changes, even if they live in the big cities and are isolated from it. It is very convenient that living in the metropolis like Tokyo, however in exchange for it we have been losing relationship with something we came from. It would be said it has structural defect but Tokyo’s heat beyond imagination, or we might forget to have perseverance to see what the sun brings, listen to the winds’ voice and raindrops’ falling.. I wouldn’t say how the mother nature metaphysicaly should be, but we probably need the sustainable living in a sense to live in the huge town. Otherwise we should forget about the universe. I’m afraid of the increasing number of people tend to be latter one. Although abnormal weathers reported too often around the world these days, I just wonder mankind is abnormal rather.